Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Best of the Left Podcast iPhone App

I'll start off by saying that I purchased the $1.99 price of admission for the app mainly out of support for the show. You can subscribe for the podcast totally and 100% free (Which is entirely generous on it's own). But I highly suggest picking up the app to show your support as well!

This app is simply awesome. At home or work, I have WiFi everywhere, which is what this app uses to stream the episodes. You are able to listen to all episodes (dating back to 2006!!) over WiFi, which is nice if you want to conserve space on your iPod.

There are some cool features like sharing with a friend, gives the link to the BotL Twitter or saving pictures of the episode cover to your library. Another awesome thing is that it gives bonus content to the episodes, and that is awesome! Other than that, there isn't a whole lot else. But it goes beyond what it should be.

The show itself is amazing. I've been listening to a little over a year now and I continue to enjoy every episode. The work Jay does deserves several rounds of applause, and while I can't alway donate the most money due to my own lack of funds, picking up this app is one step to supporting and the awesome work he does. Great topics, the best of the left leaning media and radio, you can't go wrong no matter what political ideology you may associate yourself with. The music is usually great, and I for one, cannot get enough. My one and only complaint of the app vs. the Podcast, is that you cannot skip between chapters. That was kind of a let down, as there are some songs I'd rather skip than listen to.

Another cool feature I'd like to see, as a mega Twitter addict, would be a button to "Tweet" the current episode I'm listening to. Maybe adding a link in the AppStore/iTunes for people to get to quickly. That would be amazing.

This quick review by Booch138 gives Jay and this app 100% 2 thumbs up, if not to just support the show!!!! If you don't want the app, at least check out the free podcast!!

Best of the Left Podcast App - $1.99 Link:


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